Dec 30, 2023  

created a character shrine for wyll ravengard, my beloved (ꈍᴗꈍ)♡

Dec 29, 2023  

new TBR book for 2024! added responsive web directory to webrings below

Dec 21, 2023  

new currently reading book, added favourite films with posters on movie logs page, added more sites in outlinks and web dev resources

Dec 20, 2023  

i finally have a site button! check it out on my links page. new uses page! joined bookbug club! media log and sitemap page have also been updated! yippee!

Dec 19, 2023  

added book log for previous years: 2022 and 2021

Dec 18, 2023  

all new books page!

Dec 17, 2023  

v3.0: third website overhaul for this year lmaoooo. some new stuff here and there, temporarily removed blog archive from directory

Oct 10, 2023  

Hi... Just updated the now page and movie page... Added RSS to blog... Ok bye again

Jun 24, 2023  

Updated about page and dev resources, minor CSS tweaks

Jun 09, 2023  

Added more ASCII in pages, changed font again teehee

Jun 08, 2023  

Added new webring! New blog post! Exciting!

Jun 07, 2023  

Removed Writing page, added ASCII/Kaomoji on some pages, added bass log page, added fallback fonts

Jun 06, 2023  

Changed blog archive design to a much simpler layout, self-hosted Inconsolata variable font

Jun 05, 2023  

Changed arrow symbol for external links, added filter format for numbers (word count), removed wave text animation (it’s not working in Chromium browsers for some reason!?!?!)

Jun 03, 2023  

Added alert/aside styling

Jun 02, 2023  

Joined a few webrings, updated home page title with rainbow background and wavy text. Happy Pride Month! <3

May 31, 2023  

Added next/previous blog post buttons, added pagination in fic archive and chapter pages, created style guide page

May 30, 2023  

Implement external link arrow indicator, added theme switcher, added font switcher, added Comms page with the chatbox and guestbook, moved webrings to the footer

May 29, 2023  

Updated story pages to be uniform with the current layout, new blog post, transferred web dev resources to its own page, added a Now page, configured GitHub workflow for automated deployment

May 28, 2023  

First ever site layout overhaul into one column... I like it but I’m not sure if it’ll stick 🤔 Stay tuned!

May 19, 2023  

Tweaked layout for story pages to support sidenotes, customized scrollbar for both Chromium and Firefox browsers, added pagination in Writing page, added recent fics in home sidebar

May 18, 2023  

Added Resources and Writing pages, used new layout for story pages, archived some of my written works

May 17, 2023  

Added box-shadow in containers, added Sitemap page, changed page titles, new blog post! Yippee!

May 15, 2023  

Extended main container to be a bit wider, adjusted kerning for <h1> and <h2> styles

May 14, 2023  

Installed TOC plugin for blog posts, made sidebar sticky

May 13, 2023  

Installed more 11ty plugins, added syntax highlighting (both light and dark mode, yay!), updated about page, added Blog page, updated sidebar with recent blog posts

May 12, 2023  

Tweaked layout and CSS, added about page, updated the home page

May 10, 2023  

v2.0: Converted project to 11ty SSG, separated sections into their own pages

May 09, 2023  

Initialized Git version control, changed font again, changed site layout, added pages, tweaked light colour scheme

May 05, 2023  

Changed font

Apr 27, 2023  

Added <hr /> and <code> styles, slight improvements to the sidebar, added To do section, changed dark mode button

Apr 26, 2023  

v1.0: Built the website layout from scratch! It’s still barebones but I added some info on how I built it.

Apr 23, 2023  

This site was born :)