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hello! i’m ten (he/she), and welcome to my ever-evolving webspace!

here you can find my media logs, pore over some cool and interesting links and resources i found from all over the web.

have fun exploring and i hope you learn something new!

thanks for visiting and take care

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reading giovanni's room by james baldwin watching house m.d., season 5 playing baldur’s gate 3 listening the deal by mitski

last updated: jan 2024


Jan 20, 2024  

v3.1: added breadcrumbs above the title. a few design changes here and there. and most importantly, i brought back the blog, which also has an RSS feed!

Jan 19, 2024  

create shortcodes to add furigana over kanji text. see it in action here

Jan 18, 2024  

remove thin scrollbar to improve accessibility

Jan 17, 2024  

changed font family again (hehe) and added font support for japanese characters

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