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name ten pronouns he/she gender ??? age 25+
country [PH, CA] language [EN, TL] mbti INTP

my name’s ten (yeah, like the number). i’m a software developer by day (professionally) and fiction writer by night (un-professionally... hobby-ly???). i was born and raised in manila, philippines, and i’m now living in bc, canada.

i made this site to exercise my coding and design skills, and where i can code things for fun and not have to worry about being “professional” online, whatever the hell that means. making websites is fun and cool, my friend.

my journey in becoming a webmaster started when i tinkered around tumblr themes and my own themes some ~10 years ago... but i didn’t actually make my own website until may 2023 when i found about the small web. and now here we are! yayyy

check out my media log, shrines and uses (wip) page!

if you’d like to chat, hit me up at 10kph@proton.me or at any of my socials below :-)

Bisexual flag Trans Rights Now


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here are some link buttons to my site! i couldn’t decide which one i liked so just have all of them :~) please do not hotlink!

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games ace attorney trilogy, dragon age: origins, disco elysium, baldur’s gate 3, fire emblem: awakening, genshin impact movies pacific rim (2013), the nice guys (2016), the handmaiden (2016), perfect blue (1997), howl’s moving castle (2004) books this is how you lose the time war by amal el-mohtar and max gladstone, gone girl by gillian flynn, the masquerade trilogy by seth dickinson, chainsaw man series by tatsuki fujimoto music mitski, metric, arctic monkeys, sir chloe, florence + the machine, sunmi tv fleabag, the good place, marvel’s daredevil, sense8